2 Transforming Twists on Well-Known Copywriting Secrets

2 Transforming Twists on Well-Known Copywriting Secrets

Remember watching The Karate Kid for the first time?

Daniel, the new kid in the neighborhood, is repeatedly targeted by some hard-core bullies. To defend himself, he trains for a karate tournament with Miyagi as his mentor.

And in the famous climactic scene where he assumes the “crane” stance, he pushes through intense pain and is declared the winner! Everyone cheers. Daniel gets the girl and the respect of his nemesis.

Daniel is the hero.

Miyagi is just the guide who helps Ralph earn his hero status.

Like Miyagi, our role is to make our customers the hero…we just help them get what they really […] Read more

Does Your Marketing Message Pass the Grunt Test?

Does Your Marketing Message Pass the Grunt Test?

More is not always better.

In our quest to get our message in front of our perfect customer, we talk too much. We can’t help adding more and more content to our website.

And then we wonder why when eyes start to glaze over and a polite “Sorry, I need to run” is mumbled. We can’t figure out why visitors leave our website without buying anything.

Here’s a clip from the movie Jerry Maguire that I love.

In reality, our Holy Grail of marketing is to hear our audience say, “You know, I’m interested in your product…tell me more.”


Then and only then do we […] Read more

Crazy Cycling Stunt Increases Online Retail Sales

Crazy Cycling Stunt Increases Online Retail Sales

You’ve seen it before.

It’s called highway drafting.

I’m talking about those crazy cyclists who hang dangerously close behind a truck, trying to catch the truck’s draft.

The bike is able to go faster because in that sweet right spot of the wake of the truck there is less drag on the biker which in turn lowers the amount of energy required to maintain speed or speed up.

I don’t recommend what seems insanely dangerous behavior, but there a pretty fascinating lesson we can take away as entrepreneurs.

The major retail players with multi-million dollar online websites have a lot in common…one being that they […] Read more

Rx for Jack of All Trades Syndrome

Rx for Jack of All Trades Syndrome

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

If you’re a solo-entrepreneur, you can’t afford to be a Jack.

If you’re a business owner with employees…you can’t afford to hire anyone with a “Jack” mindset.

And as you know…if you’re going to be successful as a small business owner today, having an online presence isn’t an option.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all that comes with Internet marketing…the problem may be that you’re trying to do everything yourself.

To make matters worse, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why am I working so hard and not making any money?”

How do you think […] Read more

What You Should Never Give Away

What You Should Never Give Away

“But if I give my best stuff away, no one will pay for my expertise.”

This is a common concern I hear all the time.

So let’s cut to the chase and clear up this myth.

Early on when Cheryl and I started seriously studying Internet marketing, we learned the concept of “moving the free line.”


Successful marketer Eben Pagan coined this term when he demonstrated how he used it on his Double Your Dating business under the pseudonym of David DeAngelo.

The idea is that you give away free value up front to convince people that you are worth listening to…and […] Read more

Moosejaw Puts Fun Back in Marketing

Moosejaw Puts Fun Back in Marketing

It’s not often that an order confirmation email catches my attention – beyond making sure that the amount they charged to my credit card is correct.

I mean, what can you possibly do to make transactional emails anything other than sufficiently boring?

So when I found myself going back and re-reading what is normally a run-of-the-mill order confirmation email, I wanted to yell “Hallelujah! Someone actually gets what great marketing is all about!”

Moosejaw Mountaineering, whose Facebook tagline is “The Most Fun Outdoor Retailer on the Planet,” knows how to put the fun back in marketing.

How about this for a company overview posted […] Read more

The Real Boss Running the NBA Team Stores

The Real Boss Running the NBA Team Stores

Alyssa Milano (star of TV’s Who’s the Boss? and Charmed) was watching a baseball game in Dodger Stadium several years ago – and was freezing cold.

“It was the beginning of the season, before the poop smell sets in.

I went into the store to get something warm to wear. And I was offended. The only color available in women’s clothing was pink. Their answer for female sports apparel back then was ‘pink it and shrink it.’ It was either that or buy something from the kids’ section. Which I did. I got a kid’s hoodie. In Dodger blue.”

It bothered Milano enough […] Read more

5 Easy Ways to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers

5 Easy Ways to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers

Your website is your virtual business card and storefront.

And if you have a WordPress website – the preferred platform by all major search engines – you unfortunately have a bright red target on your back.

Like any other brick and mortar building, your online business is vulnerable to bad guys looking for an unlocked door or window into your WordPress site.

After gaining access, these evil hackers compromise your once-clean website and turn it into a bot (or zombie.) This newly recruited zombie is then welcomed into a botnet (or zombie army) with only one intent…

To find more unsecured WordPress sites that […] Read more

6 Email Marketing Tweaks Get Big Results

6 Email Marketing Tweaks Get Big Results

The phone rings. You answer. The voice on the other end says, “Hey, Art, buddy. How are you doin’?”

You don’t recognize the voice. He never identified himself – and now you’re in an awkward position.
Do you play along hoping you’ll soon figure out who it is? Or do you embarrassingly ask, “Sorry – uh, who are you?”

It’s the same thing when you get an email that has a “From” name and/or address that gives no clue as to who the sender is. Except … most likely, you just delete it and run the risk of missing an important email.

For your […] Read more

Top 6 Ways to Use a Call-to-Action in Emails

Top 6 Ways to Use a Call-to-Action in Emails

Your email’s CTA (call-to-action) is one of the most critical email marketing components to test because it’s what generates leads and conversions!

The CTA is the equivalent of “asking for the sale” when you talk to a prospect on the phone or in person after a sales presentation.

You wouldn’t dream of closing a critical call with “Great talking with you, Joe. Well, uh… have a good day.”

No – you’d assume the sale. “So Joe, let’s get you started. I’m going to ask for some information to get your Infusionsoft account set up. Ready?”  And I just keep going until Joe stops […] Read more