Two Fess-Ups

Two Fess-Ups

– February 1, 2018 –

First things first…

A couple hours after the email went out yesterday, I read it back and thought “Oh, sh*t. Everyone’s going to think I’m a golf pro!”

I said that I shot a 72 on a 79 par course…

On top of not being able to spell, guess I better get checked for Dyslexia!

I shot a 79 on a 72 par course! Geez…I wish I could have shot a 72.

So to all of you who replied with accolades…thank you, but I had to ‘fess up lol


Another “Come to Jesus” confession of sorts.

About 6 months ago we started to incorporate a double-optin feature anywhere a lead could enter Infusionsoft by requesting a lead magnet.

We didn’t want to withhold the freebie if they didn’t optin – but we knew that confirmed contacts actually get emails delivered to them on a different server from Infusionsoft.

So…Cheryl did her techy “magic” so that the download link in the email they get both confirms their email AND delivers the lead magnet all in one swoop…pretty nifty!

It’s all kosher…the key is to make sure you clearly state that by clicking the link they are confirming that it is their email and that they do want what they requested.

(You can try it for yourself at the end of this post if you want.)

That’s been working like gangbusters!

The problem was that there were a lot of people in our database who’ve been with us long before this confirmation technique was put into play.

And when Cheryl wants things clean, I just let her go to town…and boy did she ever lol

Long story short…it didn’t go as expected.

…but then everything in life or business rarely goes as expected.

The good news is…

+ The open rate was 52%.

+ There were 0 opt-outs.

+ There were 0 complaints. (By that, I mean no one hit the Spam button from their inbox and sent the complaint to Infusionsoft.)

The bad news is…

+ I fielded call and emails a good portion of the day with people concerned it was spam.

+ We felt awful that it caused our list, who we value more than anything, some confusion and/or wasted their time.

Yes, we had a lot of confirmations – and we thank all of you who trust us and know that we always try to do what’s best.

But will we keep that campaign in place? Nope!

Wasn’t worth the risk of losing anyone that way.

So here’s what we learned – and hope that it might help you someway, somehow down the road:

+ Creativity has a place when done right…the email was meant to be light-hearted and fun as well as clear in purpose. But it came off to some as confusing.

+ Surprises aren’t always welcomeconfirmation emails makes sense a the right time. After a freebie request. After certain types of purchases. But it has to be timely and relevant.

+ The subject line was a WINNER 🙂 It was “[Action Required] Cleaning up…” so if you can use it in some way, go for it!

To see the double-optin technique in action that I described earlier…we put together a checklist of 50 inexpensive ways to WOW your customers.

Download it right here and get some ideas you may not have thought of.

Download the "50 Cost Effective Ways to WOW Your Customers" Cheat Sheet

Thanks again for sticking with us!
Talk again tomorrow!

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