Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

“It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure.” – Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

We have moments when we want to quit.

Days when we’re brain-dead from exhaustion.

But we get up and face the next day determined to close that next killer sale or rank #1 on Google.

Facing challenges head on with resolve and gusto is in our blood. Conquering the impossible is what we live and breathe for.

My motto for all of my adult life has been “Second Sucks!!”


Give up? Not even in my vocabulary.

Reality is, though… most successful entrepreneurs struggled before they hit it big.

Walt Disney? As a young man, he was fired from the Kansas City Star Newspaper because his boss thought he lacked creativity. He was forced to shut down the first company he formed, could barely pay his rent, and…even resorted to eating dog food!

J.K. Rowling? Before finding fame as the author of the Harry Potter books, she was rejected by 12 publishers. The small publishing firm which reluctantly purchased Rowling’s first Harry Potter manuscript told her that she really ought to “get a day job.”

At the time when she was writing her first novel, her life was a mess – she was going through a divorce, living in a tiny flat with her daughter, and… living on government subsidies!

In 2007 after her final book in the Harry Potter series was published, Forbes listed Rowlings as the second-richest female entertainer on the planet, behind Oprah Winfrey.

This inspirational video is worth a thousand words. Take a look:

If you’ve been told that starting a business (brick and mortar or online) is a FAST, EASY, PAINLESS way to make millions…


Success takes time.
Success less talking and more doing.
Success takes a lot of trial and error.
Success takes dealing with negative people who expect you to fail.

Don’t quit! Hang in there.

And every time you or your business takes a hit…get back up and say “Go ahead. Hit me again!”

Seize the day!

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