The Test No One Can Fail

The Test No One Can Fail

– February 7, 2018 –

I have a love-hate relationship with tests.

Failed my music theory class twice after majoring in music for two years.

(years later, I found out I had a counting issue…hmm)

Switched to business, was just about ready to graduate…and on a lark I took the LSAT test and aced it!

So now the conundrum of whether to pursue law or stick with the plan of getting my license to sell securities.

I chose the financial securities route — but every once in a while I can’t help but wonder what the other path would have been like.

You know…the road not taken.

So if I had taken one of those tests to determine the perfect career…would that have been the answer to career bliss and everlasting happiness?

Being a natural skeptic, I highly doubt it.

Sounds kind of like letting a dating app pick out your wife…and before I get hundreds of angry comments that you found your spouse of 30 years on a dating app, hear me out.

Revelation: According to eHarmony, a whopping 53% of people lie on their profiles.

+ 20% of women surveyed by global research agency Opinionmatters admitted to using an older photo from when they were younger and thinner.

+ More than 40% of men said they lied about their jobs in an effort to sound more successful.

I know I’m digging myself a big old hole so let’s move on to the point of this whole rabbit trail…

How are you vetting and qualifying new hires?

After hiring and firing too-many-to-count executive assistants for our properties business, I thought “What the heck? There has to be a better way!”

I was wasting a ridiculous amount of time training them in our systems and procedures only for it not to work out.

So, was it me? I know I’m a horrible teacher…that’s why I document our processes.

Was it them? Were they just not cut out for the job?

Here’s how the madness stopped…

My business coach and I came up with a two-step hiring process that has been a game-changer.

  1. An application is posted on Craigslist. But it’s written in a pretty unorthodox way (did you have any doubts? lol) and it gets attention. After all the applications are reviewed…
  2. I pay for any stand-outs to take the Kolbe personality test. And this is where the magic happens…

If you’re not familiar with how the Kolbe works…it measures the way you instinctively do things. Your MO (method of operation.)

The cool thing is that you can’t fail the test! There’s no reason to lie…and so there are no mucked up results.

Knowing my strengths and the ways I work best (based on my own test results)…it’s a hell of a lot easier to hire the right person now.

Someone whose MO complements my strengths and the job’s requirements.

Giving the test to a potential hire only sets me back a whopping 50 bucks…and saves me thousands.

Anyway, thought this might help you if your hiring process isn’t netting the right people for you.

We’d love to work with you on your automated marketing…but want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

That’s why we offer a free consult. If you’re ready to take that next step, schedule here.

No worries…we won’t make you take a test 🙂
Talk tomorrow,

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