Smart Kid, Smarter Dad

Smart Kid, Smarter Dad

– February 2, 2018 –

I’m always amazed when I see a kid start his or her own business.

Is it just in their genes to be that enterprising?

Or do they have a mom or dad who own their own business? Or someone in their life who is an influence?

If you watch Shark Tank, remember a few years ago that thirteen-year-old kid Noah who struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”)?

And without any advice from his dad!

Noah and his dad made decals to stick on airplanes they made out of empty cardboard boxes when Noah was little.

Then Noah though it would be cool to print out the decals for his 6-year-old brother.

Then he thought why not sell those designs to retailers?

Noah’s dad took the opportunity to become an entrepreneur (something he’d always dreamed of) but mostly wanted the chance to teach his son about the world of business.

He wanted the chance to do something really special with his son. Together.

But he insists he’s always treated Noah as the CEO.

In the show segment, Noah is offered deals from two Sharks. When pressed for a decision, Noah looked up at his dad.

I’m guessing it took all his dad could do to hold back from bailing out his son…and instead said, “All I can say, Noah is you’re the CEO and it’s ultimately your decision.”

The kid got nervous (totally understandable) and asked his dad under his breath which investor he should pick. But his dad stuck to his guns and asked: “Noah, who do you think would be the best mentor?”

Noah picked O’Leary because of his background in the toy industry.

Smart kid.

Smarter dad.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

I’ve had some amazing mentors over the years…my uncle, Cheryl’s dad, my current business coach.

And each one pushed/pushes me to be better…to rely on my guts…to do more than I thought I could.

…and to get back up what I had a crappy day. And as you know, there are plenty of those as a business owner!

They always led by example.

They had mastered what I wanted to do and had the creds to back up their advice.

So who’s your mentor? Because you need one.

Someone to help you take your business to heights far beyond where you currently are. Somebody to…

+ See the potential for greatness inside you and tap into it. (Family support is great but it’s not enough.)

+ Hold you accountable.

+ Help you see the progress you’re making when you feel like you’re going nowhere.

That is exactly what my mentor does…and it’s why I work him week after week, without fail, no matter where he or I happen to be.

The check-ins we have (often just some texts back and forth) are what keeps my mind focused and dialed in every day. And it’s the single reason for my rapid growth.

So if we can help you move the dial forward by adding more and better automation to your marketing, schedule a free consult.

We’re here to help.
Have a terrific weekend…and Fly, Eagles, Fly!!

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