Rocky Balboa and the P.S.

Rocky Balboa and the P.S.

What kind of person reads the end of a book before reading the entire story?

Or watches the end of a movie they DVR’d before it’s time?

Seriously how can someone actually do that?

Can you imagine…

…reading a spoiler and finding out that after Rocky beats Apollo to a pulp, it’s announced that the match ended in a draw and by default Apollo retains his title. And while the crowd is chanting Rocky’s name, Rocky is shouting to Adrian who sneaks into the ring for the embrace!

That’s just pure sacrilege!

Well, Cheryl does. Never have understood it…but it turns out that she’s actually on to a very important marketing principle.

Think about it. How many times have you read the P.S. of an email first? Or at least before finishing the body of the email?

Turns out that a LOT of people do. It’s the same reason why in a long sales letter, viewers scroll right down to the end of the page to find out if the price is something they can afford.

Think of the P.S. as an extra bonus at the end of your email. It’s just one more thing that pushes the reader over the edge into taking the action that you want them to take…

It’s like saying “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this.” It gives your email a personal, conversational tone – besides some great marketing strategy.

To give you some food for thought, here are three types of P.S. messages that you can use immediately!


A testimonial is a fantastic way to alleviate concerns that your product works or that your clients are getting results from your services. Social proof at it’s best.

P.S. You don’t need to take my word for it – just listen to what Joe Customer had to say after just a few weeks after we turned on paid traffic to his new landing page: “Wow, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I’m getting more qualified leads in one week’s time than I did in 4 months of cold-calling.”


This is a simple way to bring scarcity into your marketing. When people know that your offer doesn’t have an end time, there’s no reason for them to take action anytime soon. And when they think they can just come back tomorrow or next week, they usually forget and don’t.

P.S. Wait, I’ve got some great news to share. I’ve decided to drop the price 20% if you order by midnight on Sunday. So check it out at URL before I go and change my mind!


This one might seem a bit cliche, but it works.

P.S. Uggh…I almost forgot to mention that for the first 10 movers and shakers who purchase Product X,Y,Z I’m going to throw in a free month of insurance on it.

Now that you know why and how to write a great P.S. to your next email…

Seize the Day!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention…if you’d like to incorporate that type of strategy in your automated marketing, request a free automation consultation to get that started.

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