[REVEALED] Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Toilet Paper

[REVEALED] Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Toilet Paper

You’ve heard the rags-to-riches stories.

From waiting tables to millionaire by the age of 28.

From living on the streets to owning multiple homes.

And while all those stories are inspiring to small business owners…the road to riches is a bit more “down and dirty.”


Entrepreneur and author Mike Michalowicz compares true entrepreneurialism to a typical bathroom experience: “business” is done and you discover only 3 sheets of TP left on the roll!

Necessity breeds invention if you want to leave the rest room smelling like a rose.

Serious business owners don’t gain success in their industries by sitting around hoping someone will come and “hand them a roll of toilet paper.”

They take action…dig around in the nearby garbage…check out whatever is handy within arm’s reach…use the empty cardboard roll if necessary (metaphorically speaking of course)… call it good… and move on!

They take whatever assets they have and make their business work. Not only do they make do with less, they make MORE with less.

Business owners who build empires don’t make excuses and don’t have patience for people who do.


“I don’t have enough money right now.”

“I’m not smart enough.”

“I don’t have the time. I’m too busy.”

“It takes too long to master [Infusionsoft, Internet marketing, fill in the blank.”]

“There’s too much risk involved.”

“I’m too old.”

They do not sit and dream about their big break… they get off the pot and create it themselves.

They don’t wait until they have enough money to fund a new venture… they find creative ways to finance their project by exploiting their own strengths.

By the way, millionaires are a frugal (as opposed to cheap) bunch: Warren Buffett, the third richest person in the world, according to Forbes, lives in the same Omaha, Nebraska, home he bought four decades ago for $31,500.

They don’t, contrary to popular opinion, multi-task… they focus on one task until it’s complete.

They aren’t perfectionists..  they say, “Good is good enough.”

Because they know that money likes speed.

They know that by the time they’ve perfected their sales letter, website, or ad campaign, their competition will have already capitalized on their idea and left them in the dust.

They don’t spend the bulk of their time thinking, planning, and revising… they take action.

They aren’t afraid of risks… they take calculated measures to reduce risks.

Dick Costolo, founder of FeedBurner said:

“The key is to just get on the bike, and the key to getting on the bike… is to stop thinking about ‘there are a bunch of reasons I might fall off’ and just hop on and peddle the damned thing. You can pick up a map, a tire pump, and better footwear along the way.”



Because most likely they have a spare napkin in their pocket with their next million dollar business plan scribbled on its back.

Seize the day!

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