Overpriced and Crowded

Overpriced and Crowded

– January 30, 2018 –

My Old English Sheepdog Rosy goes to the office with me every day…rides in the car with me to all my appointments…she’s a real looker 🙂

But she’s getting up there in years so it takes a little longer to get her in and out of the car these days…but that’s ok. She’s my girl!

I had a full morning of appointments and hadn’t consumed my normal gallon of caffeine…so Rosy and I decided a Starbucks break was in order between appointments.

People always complain that their coffee is overpriced…but Starbucks is constantly packed!

Sure…it starts with an excellent product, but their phenomenal success is mainly because of the high level of service they provide.

I mean…do they really need to write your name on the cup and call it out when it’s ready? They could easily just yell out “Tall Decaf Americano!!” and be done with it.

But then we’d be all disappointed not to hear our name LOL

At Starbucks they know how to make you feel special.

Do you ever see a sign at Starbucks that says “Restrooms Are For Customers Only”? No way. They know how to make everyone feel welcome.

Do you have to wait more than 5 minutes for you cuppa joe? I doubt it. They respect your time and want you to come back.

Do you always get a smile and a friendly greeting from the barista and cashier? It’s pretty darn consistent. And if you’re lucky, they decorate your cup with hearts and stuff that people (not me) seem to like.

So to the folks at Starbucks, it’s never “just a cup of coffee”…

…it’s an experience.

Same with all of us as entrepreneurs.

Whatever your business sells…it might be “just a cup of coffee” to you, but to your customers it’s a big deal.

And it’s up to you to make a HUGE deal of their success after they invest with you – and to give them an extremely pleasant experience.

+ Doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive.

+ Doesn’t have to be done all the time.

Just a little something extra once in a while that lets your customers know they aren’t just a number after a dollar sign.

To give you some ideas, we put together a checklist of 50 inexpensive ways to WOW your customers.

Download the "50 Cost Effective Ways to WOW Your Customers" Cheat Sheet

Talk again tomorrow,

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