Is Bitcoin the Next Beanie Baby?

Is Bitcoin the Next Beanie Baby?

– January 11, 2018 –

“If your stomach can’t stand seeing something cut in half in value in a very short time, then you shouldn’t be in Bitcoin.” – Jeff Walker

Nerves of steel. Courage under fire.

Some are calling Bitcoin the biggest bubble in modern history.

I see it more like the Cabbage Patch Kids and Beanie Babies collecting frenzies.

Having a background in the investment arena, investing and trading has always held a fascination for me…and for months I quietly sat back and studied crypto coins.

Everyone was saying it was all a bunch of b.s.

So being the contrarian that I am…

For fun, I threw my hat in the ring and bought 12 Ethereum coins and 1 Bitcoin at a total investment of just $2,000.

Nothing crazy. And today, it’s worth $30K.

Yes, I know…it’s all on paper 🙂

And when it crashed (value sliced in half) a few weeks ago, I held tight while others flipped out and bailed.

The media did a 180 degree turn and copped an “I told you so” attitude with stories of financial ruin…blah, blah, blah.

Sure it’s all speculative because it’s a bubble! There’s a ton of interest right now.

And because there’s a limited supply, there will be tremendous volatility. That’s what intrigues me because…

…there is also potential for great reward.

It’s the same with business. We all started our companies with a passion for creating something from the bottom up. It’s exciting but risky.

So you dig in, ride out the highs and lows, and don’t chase customers when you hit a lull and feel desperation setting in. Not easy but that’s what separates us from the pack.

The world is evolving and there inevitably will be different currency sources, but most people won’t want to deviate from their debit cards. Because they crave security in the familiar.

Just like there will be new and different ways to generate leads.

What worked for you two years might not in 2018.

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Make it a great day!

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