Finishing with Calm and Class

Finishing with Calm and Class

– February 12, 2018 –

Dancing is not my thing. I have zero rhythm where multiple parts of the body moving at the same time are concerned.

Can’t help but think of the old Genesis I Can’t Dance video with Phil Collins. LOL

So, it’s not a stretch that the Figure Skating competition in the Olympics is not one of my favorite things to watch…reminds me too much of Dancing With the Stars!

But…while channel surfing over the weekend, I saw an incident go down with a team event pairs performance that made an impression on me as a business owner.

A South Korean skater had a wardrobe malfunction only seconds into the performance…

And instead of panicking, she and her partner kept going…improvising as they went to keep her top from slipping off her shoulders.

…while they were doing their “twizzles.”

I have no clue what a “twizzle” is (which is why I prefer golf…simply hit a ball into a hole) but I will restrain myself from cracking too many jokes here 🙂

Serious face back on…

Can you imagine working for years and putting everything on the line for one moment?

Only to be faced with a situation where it could all go sideways fast.

Without more than a pause to regroup…she changed her movements, finished the routine, and managed to keep her outfit in one piece.

They finished toward the bottom in the results.

…but they finished with calm and class.

I can’t help but think how often we as business owners are faced with potentially devastating setbacks where we have to make a split-second decision.

The setback could be minor…or could be major:

+ You spend an hour presenting a power point to a potential client (thinking you rocked it) just to find out you misspelled his name on the cover slide. Ouch…it’s happened to us.

+ You’re trying to recover from a bad month…or worse a bad year.

+ You spent 6 months developing a new product or service, and it isn’t taking off like you expected. And you’re in the red from all the development costs.

+ You’re trying to break through that first six-figure a month milestone.

+ You’re trying to break through that first six-figure a year milestone.

At that precise moment when you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut, you have to make a decision:

  1. Adjust and plow through…forget about ego.
  2. Give up.

I’ve been there.

Over the decades I’ve made millions, lost millions, started businesses, lost businesses, been sued, made millions again.

And what I know to be true is this…

The only way you can truly fail in business is to quit!

Being a business owner is hard, but we push on from a position of power…and that power comes from a positive and grateful attitude.

+ Grateful because you’ve had temporary setbacks before…and they didn’t stop you.

+ Grateful because others have suffered worse setbacks in life and business…and came out on the other side.

+ Grateful for what you DO have that is going well.

I needed to give myself a pep talk today and hope this gives you some encouragement if you’re struggling at all.

If we can help you overcome any struggles you’re having with Infusionsoft or marketing in general, schedule a free consult.
Make it a great week!

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