Loss Leaders and the Free Consult Controversy

Loss Leaders and the Free Consult Controversy

– January 19, 2018 –

So we all know that Kroger, Wallmart, CVS along with most retail stores rely on loss leaders.

I mean, think about it…when was the last time you ran to the grocery store for a dozen eggs or a half gallon of milk and that’s all you left with?

No, no, no…if we dudes are doing the shopping and not our wives, we grab more stuff on our way out. Salami and good provolone, not the cheap stuff.

And oh my god, that’s my favorite mustard!

…and that deli bread with the olive chunks? Gotta have me some of that!

Heck…I’m getting […] Read more

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to building and growing your business, I’m guessing at some point others have given you advice.

Maybe you’ve taken that advice and it didn’t work.

Maybe you didn’t take it and now wish you had.

Same with building a sales funnel…it’s that Holy Grail of marketing that everyone is searching for.

For better or worse, Cheryl and I spend a good amount of time on Facebook groups engaging with prospects that are looking for answers. They’re asking questions like these:

How do I start?
Which type of funnel works best?
I want a funnel like Ryan Deiss (or your name of choice.)

If you take […] Read more

10 Best New Product Survey Questions

10 Best New Product Survey Questions

So you want to offer a new product, course, service. Something you absolutely know that your customers need and will love!

Or are you a little unsure if they will actually buy it?

In our Armenian home growing up, lamb was a staple especially on Sunday. I still love it!

Eggplant, on the other hand? That is another story! Fried, stuffed, mashed. Couldn’t stand it then – still can’t stomach it.

Now if my mom would have surveyed my sisters and me ahead of time on all our favorite foods, we could have made her shopping so much more efficient!

A boy can dream, right? 🙂

As […] Read more

11 Paradoxes of Being a Business Owner

11 Paradoxes of Being a Business Owner

God help the small business owner.

Had you known what you were getting into, would you still have taken the plunge?

Or would you have chosen the more-traveled road?

In the 30 years of being the captain of my own ship, there have been moments when the 9-5 life of a car salesman seemed pretty darn attractive.

But at the end of the day, joining the ranks of clock punchers just isn’t an option.

Webster defines a paradox as a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

So here are 11 […] Read more

The 2-Minute Power Pose That Will Change Your Business

The 2-Minute Power Pose That Will Change Your Business

Me and Batman. Every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:30.

I never missed a single show!

Batman and Robin kept the Joker in line and rid Gotham City of the bad guys.

You’re an entrepreneur and a superhero by default. It’s your calling, and the world needs you.

Every day you toss on your cape and battle your competitors. You battle those who doubt you can make a go of your dreams. And you protect your customers.


You feel the weight on your shoulders – payroll to make for your employees, results to achieve for […] Read more

Must Watch TV for Smart Entrepreneurs

Must Watch TV for Smart Entrepreneurs

I’d rather have a colonoscopy than watch reality tv, but there’s one show I never miss.

ABC’s Shark Tank.

Premiering in 2009 and still going strong, it’s the most-watched program on Friday nights.

Hopeful entrepreneurs go on the program and present their business idea to a panel of self-made millionaire investors (Sharks) with a goal of convincing at least one Shark to invest in their concept in exchange for a stake in their company.

First comes the pitch… portable urinals that look like a golf club, remote-controlled bird feeders that allow you to “zap” pesky squirrels, and man candles designed to freshen your house but […] Read more

TV’s Taxi Gets Stevie Award in Customer Service

TV’s Taxi Gets Stevie Award in Customer Service

Before playing “Doc” Brown in Back to the Future and Uncle Fester in The Addams Family…

Christopher Lloyd rose to fame portraying Reverend Jim “Iggy” Ignatowski in the ‘70’s television series Taxi.

In one episode, his eccentric but lovable character decides he’s going to be the most perfect cabbie in the world.

He surprises his patrons by treating them to a level of service they’ve never experienced before. He serves them sandwiches and drinks in the cab. He takes them on guided tours all over Manhattan. He even sings Frank Sinatra tunes while he drives.

Iggy’s customers are so thrilled with the experience of […] Read more

Your Website, Well-Meaning Neighbors and ROI

Your Website, Well-Meaning Neighbors and ROI

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your website?

It’s not enough to just have a website today. It’s got make a bold statement of who you are… what you do… and what makes you different than your competitors.

It’s not an option.

Your business website is critical for credibility and customer contact.

But even more imperative is knowing what to look for in a web developer so that your site successfully functions the way it needs to be profitable.

Most likely you already have a website and are looking to either redesign or enhance it. Knowing the four types of […] Read more

The Untold Story of Bob Stupak

The Untold Story of Bob Stupak

Behind every great entrepreneurial success story is an untold story – and it’s usually more interesting and a lot more inspiring. They all tend to have a few common elements, though.

One of which is ugly grunt work.

Take Bob Stupak, for example. A true renegade marketer. He took a one-floor, slots-only dump at the downtown end of the Strip and built it into the big, tall, flashy Vegas World Hotel & Casino, now called The Stratosphere…all without taking on any debt and building it one floor at a time as he had the cash to do it.

He generated cash by selling […] Read more

Crowds, QVC, and Maverick Marketing

Crowds, QVC, and Maverick Marketing

You may know Joe Sugarman from his infomercials or his QVC appearances for Blu-Blockers.

But he was also a mail-order pioneer hawking the world’s 1st pocket calculator, cordless phones, and digital watches to the public via his direct sales  and marketing genius.

I was listening to a recording one of Joe’s speeches the other day and he said, “One good path to success is to learn all the proven rules and meticulously follow them. Another path is to occasionally break all the rules, because breakthroughs come only from breaking rules.”

Resonates with me – I’ve always been more maverick than not. On the […] Read more