The Myth of the Sales Gene

The Myth of the Sales Gene

Oprah has it. Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, and George Clooney have it.

Adolf Hitler had it.

“It” is that elusive charm that engages, captivates and influences.

And when used for good has the power to make people’s lives exponentially better.

Most would call “it” charisma.

The best salespeople are charismatic. You meet them. You like them. You buy from them.

Even when they don’t have the best product or offer the best prices.

And the salesmen who don’t have “it” grudgingly say of those who do, “Pffh…well, they were born with it.” In other words, they must have the sales gene – lucky bums.

Sounds like […] Read more

My Public Retraction Regarding Social Media

My Public Retraction Regarding Social Media

Bobby Wilder, the head football coach at Old Dominion University tells his recruits: “If you’re in love with Twitter, go someplace else.”

He has a strict ban; if you are on the team, you are off social media – period – for the years you attend the school.

The story goes that as he began his freshman classes, one lineman tweeted: “Signing off. See you in about 5 years.”

If you’ve read my blog posts for any length of time, you know that I am not a raving fan of social media.

And if every business owner spent as much time working on their […] Read more

Lifecyle Marketing: Borat Style

Lifecyle Marketing: Borat Style

I recently came across a YouTube video that absolutely nailed several foundational concepts of marketing.

If this were shown in every Marketing 101 class, there wouldn’t be a snoozing student in the house.

Not only did did this “Marketing-Concepts-by-Borat” inspired video effectively summarize marketing in two minutes, it highlights perfectly why we all need to nail our own sales and marketing systems.

I can’t resist adding one more concept:

You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: I am very rich. Marry me! She says, “Hmmm…let me think about it a day or so.” Two […] Read more

Make ’em Stay: Marketing Disney Style

Make ’em Stay: Marketing Disney Style

If you’ve ever been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ve probably experienced The Tower of Terror.

As soon as you enter the ruins of what appears to have once been a magnificent and glamorous hotel, you are immersed in a story.

It’s a stormy night in 1939. A group of people are in the hotel elevator when lightning strikes the Hollywood Tower Hotel – and they vanish into thin air.

You experience that fateful elevator ride and feel the terror. And then the ride is over, and you’re quickly led out a door into the bright sunshine of the park, right?


WOW Your Customers: 5 Surprising Ways to Create Loyalty

WOW Your Customers: 5 Surprising Ways to Create Loyalty

What’s the number #1 thing that creates loyal customers?

Giving over and beyond what they expect. Surprising them with something, anything that lets them know you value their business and you want them to succeed.
In Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini (by the way, every marketer should read this book once a year) Dr. Cialdini notes that subjects in a study rated other people more likable just from the simple act of buying them a can of soda.

A simple can of soda! As Cheryl and I thought about our goals for the New Year, we had to admit […] Read more

Keeping It Simple Is Killing Your Business

Keeping It Simple Is Killing Your Business

Easy is the new norm.

X,Y,Z is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately.

Quadruple your income in just 30 days with this easy, guaranteed system.

Yep…easy is highly overrated. There are two scenarios where I see a need for a huge paradigm shift in thinking if you’re going to increase your sales and income in the coming year.


It never fails to make me cringe when I read or hear a sales pitch playing the “quick and easy” card when you know darn well there’s going to be a learning curve.

Too many times, a prospect […] Read more

Social Media Drains Time and Productivity

Social Media Drains Time and Productivity

“Most conversations about social media just nauseate me.”

Being a long-time Dan Kennedy student, I wasn’t surprised in the least when he made this comment during a recent webinar he hosted.

He went on to say that in his opinion, Facebook (which hit its stride right about the time of the economic crash of 2008) is a gargantuan productivity suck. And that its energy-wasting distractions bleed your focus and leave you broke.

So, tell us what you really think, Dan!

To be perfectly honest, I tend to agree with his “no b.s.” way of thinking. There is no way I’ll ever be someone who […] Read more

Top 5 Income-Producing Lessons I’ve Learned

Top 5 Income-Producing Lessons I’ve Learned

Sales has been in my blood for my whole adult life.  Selling investments, loans, properties.  It’s all the same.

Getting results for clients who are desperate for results and who trust me to work magic on their behalf is what drives me.

And the thrill of hitting pay dirt never fails to get me excited.

So when a colleague asked me a certain question on the golf course the other day, it made me think…a lot.

He said:  “Art, if you had a son and he was following in your footsteps – you know, going into business for himself…what words of wisdom would you […] Read more

3 Shortcuts to Becoming Unforgettable

3 Shortcuts to Becoming Unforgettable

Unforgettable is a crime/mystery television series that premiered on CBS on September 20, 2011.

The series follows a female police detective who has hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything.

On May 13, 2012, CBS gave the series the axe… a bit ironic, don’t you think, given the title?  And then in a reverse decision six weeks later, CBS confirmed that the show would return in the summer of 2013.

Each episode opens with this narration:

“I’m Carrie Wells. Only a few people in the world have the ability to remember everything. I’m one of them. Pick […] Read more

Abundance Mentality Trumps Hoarding Expertise

Abundance Mentality Trumps Hoarding Expertise

Put a crowd of business owners in one room.

And it doesn’t take long before their competitive natures rear their ugly heads.

Especially when they all are vying for clients in the same industry.

Everyone keeps their trade secrets close to their vest for fear of competitors stealing their ideas and potential customers.


But not so at the inaugural conference of Infusionsoft Certified Partners (PartnerCon as it’s known now.) There were only 75 of us, but there must have been more than 1000 years of collective marketing expertise in a room at all times.

During breakout sessions, meals, lobby chats, shuttle rides to the airport…every […] Read more