Top 6 Ways to Use a Call-to-Action in Emails

Top 6 Ways to Use a Call-to-Action in Emails

Your email’s CTA (call-to-action) is one of the most critical email marketing components to test because it’s what generates leads and conversions!

The CTA is the equivalent of “asking for the sale” when you talk to a prospect on the phone or in person after a sales presentation.

You wouldn’t dream of closing a critical call with “Great talking with you, Joe. Well, uh… have a good day.”

No – you’d assume the sale. “So Joe, let’s get you started. I’m going to ask for some information to get your Infusionsoft account set up. Ready?”  And I just keep going until Joe stops […] Read more

When to Email for Best Results

When to Email for Best Results

Invariably we get this question whenever we’re working with new clients on their marketing follow-up sequences:

“Is there a best time of day to send an email – and which day of the week gets the most opens?”

If there was one “best” answer, we’d all be inundated with emails on the same day and time … and most likely we’d throw up our hands and delete every one out of pure email overload.

A the risk of sounding like a broken record, “It depends on who your audience is.”

Just like there isn’t a perfect email, there isn’t a perfect time to send […] Read more

The Perfect Email to Use in Marketing

The Perfect Email to Use in Marketing

The perfect email…doesn’t exist. Bummer.

There isn’t one email prototype that everyone should replicate for best results. Every company’s audience is different.

Everyone segments their leads different ways.

But with “split testing” you can find the perfect email for YOUR business.

Easy? No. One of the more sexy aspects of marketing? Nope. Profitable? You betcha!

So in the next few blog posts, we’re going to hit all the email hot buttons that we get asked over and over. While we can’t do your testing for you, we can tell you the types of things you absolutely need to test to get the BEST results for […] Read more

Prevention Is a Tough Sell, But This Isn’t…

Prevention Is a Tough Sell, But This Isn’t…

When you’re in your teens and 20’s, nobody thinks about the effects of tanning.

I remember in college… it was the week before finals and it was nothing to see tons of kids outside dorms trying to catch those early summer rays while cramming for tests.

In the 80’s baby oil with iodine was the quickest way to get that coveted tan… and even better if you covered a piece of thick cardboard with foil to better target the sun’s ray on your face. So essentially you were frying yourself!

And even now, it’s nothing for kids to hit the tanning booths regularly. […] Read more

How to Retain Customers Using the Bagel Strategy

How to Retain Customers Using the Bagel Strategy

You know you’re a dyed-in-the-wool marketer when you leave the local bagel shop with more than pastrami on a sesame seed, spicy mustard and pickles.

Some of the best marketing lessons come when I’m away from the computer…and this past week didn’t disappoint.

So I’m sitting with a cup of coffee at Georgie Bagels before heading to the office, reading my latest copy of GKIC’s marketing newsletter – and sorta listening to the chatter between the regulars and Georgie the owner.

Now George is about 5’ 5”, early thirties, born and raised along with two brothers in New Jersey by a single mother […] Read more

The 2 Most Asked Email Questions Are…

The 2 Most Asked Email Questions Are…

In our previous post, we hit 3 of the top questions businesses are always asking in regards to email marketing.

If you missed that post, you can view it here.

And now for the top 2…drum roll, please!


Its not a bad idea to include multiple links in an email since each link is a call-to-action that could eventually lead to a conversion…as long as they’re not obsessive in number, distracting, and competitive.

What do I mean by competitive?

You don’t want those calls-to-action to compete with one another…which […] Read more

Answers to Top Email Marketing Questions

Answers to Top Email Marketing Questions

With social media and mobile marketing getting a lot of attention on the street, there are people waving the white flag of surrender and crying, “Email marketing is dead!”

Not true! Email marketing is alive and well – as long as it’s done effectively. Ahh…there’s the rub!

When we work with businesses, one area of their marketing we focus heavily on is their email communication strategies for following up with leads and customers. Invariably we get asked the same questions time and time again.

And because we use the heck out of Infusionsoft, we do a lot of testing. So here are the […] Read more

The Untold Story of Bob Stupak

The Untold Story of Bob Stupak

Behind every great entrepreneurial success story is an untold story – and it’s usually more interesting and a lot more inspiring. They all tend to have a few common elements, though.

One of which is ugly grunt work.

Take Bob Stupak, for example. A true renegade marketer. He took a one-floor, slots-only dump at the downtown end of the Strip and built it into the big, tall, flashy Vegas World Hotel & Casino, now called The Stratosphere…all without taking on any debt and building it one floor at a time as he had the cash to do it.

He generated cash by selling […] Read more

Rocky Balboa and the P.S.

Rocky Balboa and the P.S.

What kind of person reads the end of a book before reading the entire story?

Or watches the end of a movie they DVR’d before it’s time?

Seriously how can someone actually do that?

Can you imagine…

…reading a spoiler and finding out that after Rocky beats Apollo to a pulp, it’s announced that the match ended in a draw and by default Apollo retains his title. And while the crowd is chanting Rocky’s name, Rocky is shouting to Adrian who sneaks into the ring for the embrace!

That’s just pure sacrilege!

Well, Cheryl does. Never have understood it…but it turns out that she’s actually on […] Read more

What the Social Media Experts Have All Wrong

What the Social Media Experts Have All Wrong

I’ve always had a love/hate affair with social media.

If you don’t have a business Facebook and Twitter account, you’re way behind the times.

I totally get that.

But because I’m an analytical guy, I just can’t wrap my head around how I’m supposed to actually make money by Tweeting, Liking, Pinning, and Posting.

Every B2B business I’ve asked “Are you making serious money with social media?” starts to squirm a little and stammers something like…

“We’ve got over 12,000 Likes, and we use some really cool plugins that automatically Tweet three times a day.” Or…

“The social media experts say it’s all about the conversation […] Read more