[SWIPE] My Ad for an Executive Assistant

[SWIPE] My Ad for an Executive Assistant

– February 8, 2018 –

Due to all the requests to see the unorthodox ad (mentioned in yesterday’s email) that I use in Craigslist when looking for an executive assistant, here you go…enjoy!

And remember I warned you…

It’s not your normal ad.

+ It’s long. (There are reasons.)

+ It’s formatted a certain way (all caps, double dash’s,etc) to stand out.

+ It’s written to sound like I talk and work…FAST and NO B.S.

+ It sums up how I live and work.

(If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s email, you can find it here.)


Rock-Star “Right-Hand” executive / administrative assistant needed


My name […] Read more

The Test No One Can Fail

The Test No One Can Fail

– February 7, 2018 –

I have a love-hate relationship with tests.

Failed my music theory class twice after majoring in music for two years.

(years later, I found out I had a counting issue…hmm)

Switched to business, was just about ready to graduate…and on a lark I took the LSAT test and aced it!

So now the conundrum of whether to pursue law or stick with the plan of getting my license to sell securities.

I chose the financial securities route — but every once in a while I can’t help but wonder what the other path would have been like.

You know…the road not taken.

So […] Read more

Lucy and the “Chicken” Factory

Lucy and the “Chicken” Factory

– February 6, 2018 –

I have to laugh whenever I’m reminded of this story…

When Cheryl and I met decades ago, she was living in Elizabethtown (E-town), PA. She was a teacher but like most teachers…needed to supplement her income during the summer with part-time work.

She tried to get a job packing candy in the Mars plant…but found out there was a waiting list LOL

So plan “B” is was…working in a chicken factory!

Her job was to stand at a certain spot on one side of a conveyor belt…and as the chicks arrived in front of her, quickly scoop one up and […] Read more

Just a Day in the Life

Just a Day in the Life

– February 5, 2018 –

No gloating, I promise…but indulge me for just a minute.

From Underdogs to Wonder Dogs

Bird’s the Word!

The Eagles Have Landed

Top Dogs at Last!

OK, it’s out of my system…movin’ on LOL

Yeah, yesterday’s victory was sweet to this born-and-bred Philly boy…but there’s a business lesson here:

The journey to a Super Bowl victory is no different than a typical day in the life of an entrepreneur…

It’s wild and emotionally draining.

Often feels like two steps forward, three steps back.

So if we were to transcribe what honestly goes on in our heads on any given day, it would probably look something like […] Read more

Smart Kid, Smarter Dad

Smart Kid, Smarter Dad

– February 2, 2018 –

I’m always amazed when I see a kid start his or her own business.

Is it just in their genes to be that enterprising?

Or do they have a mom or dad who own their own business? Or someone in their life who is an influence?

If you watch Shark Tank, remember a few years ago that thirteen-year-old kid Noah who struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”)?

And without any advice from his dad!

Noah and his dad made decals to stick on airplanes they made out of empty cardboard boxes when Noah was little.

Then Noah though it […] Read more

Two Fess-Ups

Two Fess-Ups

– February 1, 2018 –

First things first…

A couple hours after the email went out yesterday, I read it back and thought “Oh, sh*t. Everyone’s going to think I’m a golf pro!”

I said that I shot a 72 on a 79 par course…

On top of not being able to spell, guess I better get checked for Dyslexia!

I shot a 79 on a 72 par course! Geez…I wish I could have shot a 72.

So to all of you who replied with accolades…thank you, but I had to ‘fess up lol


Another “Come to Jesus” confession of sorts.

About 6 months ago we started to […] Read more

The Best Golf Shot Never Seen

The Best Golf Shot Never Seen

– January 31, 2018 –

I’ll never forget this moment.

I was at Pittsburgh National Golf Club (formerly Deer Run)…16th hole, par 3.

I teed off…overshot the green.

Chipped out of the rough…and saved par. Woohoo!

Ended up getting a 79 on a par 72 course.

And…there was NO ONE watching me LOL

No audience for Artie at all that day! Bummer…

If you know me at all…you know I love golf! I don’t play as much as I want to right now because my focus is on building our wholesale properties business while Cheryl oversees Barron Marketing.

But when my mortgage biz was running on all cylinders, I […] Read more

Overpriced and Crowded

Overpriced and Crowded

– January 30, 2018 –

My Old English Sheepdog Rosy goes to the office with me every day…rides in the car with me to all my appointments…she’s a real looker 🙂

But she’s getting up there in years so it takes a little longer to get her in and out of the car these days…but that’s ok. She’s my girl!

I had a full morning of appointments and hadn’t consumed my normal gallon of caffeine…so Rosy and I decided a Starbucks break was in order between appointments.

People always complain that their coffee is overpriced…but Starbucks is constantly packed!

Sure…it starts with an excellent product, […] Read more

Home of the Almost Famous Sandwich

Home of the Almost Famous Sandwich

– January 29, 2018 –

Legend has it that the Premanti brothers forgot to buy plates and forks when they opened their first restaurant, a hole-in-the-wall, near the Pittsburgh docks during the Great Depression of the ’30’s.

So-o-o when the hungry dock workers arrived to eat, the brothers piled the food between two slices of bread and served full-meal sandwiches.

After awhile, diners liked everything “smooshed” together and the rest is history.

The “Almost Famous” sandwich was born.

See…we’re not just famous for the Terrible Towel and Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood 🙂

So here’s how you make this monstrosity…and it has to be in this order:

Start with […] Read more

What Every Good Soldier Knows

What Every Good Soldier Knows

– January 26, 2018 –

Folks, I’ve got to warn you…I’m a bit cranky today.

I’ll be straight-up honest with you. This soldier is god-awful weary.

Yeah, yeah…I must think I’m still 25 or something and can keep chuggin’ along on an empty tank LOL

When I was a young buck at the first brokerage firm that hired me, I worked from the office 6 days and 4 nights a week.

Month after month…

In those days, there wasn’t security in place like brokerages have today so I came and went as I pleased…working the phone whenever I could get a hold of my prospects and […] Read more