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Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat

Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat

– February 22, 2018 –

Never let ’em see you sweat…

Remember those oldie but goodie Dry Idea commercials?

Yeah, this will date some of us LOL

In 1984, the Gillette Company launched a new series of TV commercials for its Dry Idea antiperspirants that introduced what eventually became one of the most famous ad slogans of all time.

The TV commercials featured celebrities who each mentioned three “never’s” for their profession — ending with “never let them see you sweat.”

The commercials were memorable not only for their tagline, but also because they were witty and well-performed by the celebrities.

Here’s one…

Lauren Hutton (Actress): There are […] Read more

We’re not buying curtains…

We’re not buying curtains…

– February 21, 2018 –

I was a one-call close salesman.

We were taught to…

Think like a closer.

Act like a closer.

Walk like a closer.

Believe you were a closer.

Weeks one and two of every month were spent cold-calling anyone listed in the county directory…one after another, making our pitch.

We’d beat them into the ground until they either gave in or hung up…

Typical example back then? Here’s one…

So I have John on the phone and he wants to submit an order…but needs to talk it over with his wife first.

My response goes like this: “Hey, John. We’re buying stock, not curtains!”

Pretty cringe-worthy, isn’t it?

I’m […] Read more

Scripts And Pitches Be Damned

Scripts And Pitches Be Damned

– February 20, 2018 –

Well, well…it’s a small world lol

Seems yesterday’s email took a few of you who were brokers in the ’80’s back in time a bit, eh?

Evidently there are still a few of us relics with some unwritten Wall Street books waiting to be penned 🙂

In those days, we investment brokers followed a code, a formula…and never broke from it.

“Art, brokers with beards make money. Brokers without beards make more money” my initiation into a world where you stuck to a script had started.

And when you did, the money flowed like buttah…we were knuckleheads straight out of college and […] Read more

Mentored By Gordan Gekko

Mentored By Gordan Gekko

– February 19, 2018 –

For years I worked with a journalist documenting all the facts for a tell-all book about what I witnessed during my stockbroker days in the 80’s.

But while covering a story out of the country, she was tragically killed.

I followed up with her family to try to recover all the notes we had compiled…but no luck.

So I let it all go, moved on.

Besides Wall Street had already been produced.

You remember Bud Fox, the young broker who’s desperate to get to the top…and obsessed with having ruthless corporate raider Gordan Gekko mentor him.

That was my world.

The stories have […] Read more

Can They Pass The Jerk Test?

Can They Pass The Jerk Test?

– February 16, 2018 –

I’m driving to Philly as Cheryl types this post for me.

My dad is suffering from congestive heart failure, and I’d like to get there one last time before he passes.

He’s had a good, long life and it is what it is…but if you’ve lost a parent, you understand the feeling of helplessness.

It also puts into perspective how important it is to treat our family, employees, and colleagues with respect and kindness.

You don’t get do-overs when you treat people badly.

Here’s a perfect example of what I mean…

Wanna sniff out a bad business partner before they self-destruct and […] Read more

Perfectionists Can’t Scale

Perfectionists Can’t Scale

– February 15, 2018 –

I love the concept of Good – Better – BEST.

Good (version 1.0) just gets something out the door.

+ A new product or service.

+ A new internal process for your office manager or a virtual team that you’re trying to document.

+ A new website that showcases your snazzy new branding and services.

+ A basic campaign to collect new leads.

The idea of “good is good enough” is a perfectionist’s nightmare.

A perfectionist will literally break out in a cold sweat at the thought of shipping something that isn’t perfect.

I’m not talking about attention to detail…that’s critical in certain scenarios.

I’m […] Read more

Keep, Donate, Burn

Keep, Donate, Burn

– February 14, 2018 –

So we all know what day it is!

It’s the day when we men typically mess up big time or hit it out of the park.

Guys, the pressure is on 🙂

There’s one question that invariably comes up during the course of the day…and we need to answer it right.

Otherwise, it’ll be a long day. And that is…

“Honey, why do you love me?”

And this is where our go-to reply of “I don’t know…I just do!” doesn’t cut it. lol

So good luck, gentlemen! And ladies, don’t be too hard on us…we really do try 🙂

But…it’s a good question!

As business […] Read more

The World Is Based on “Chairs”

The World Is Based on “Chairs”

– February 13, 2018 –

One of my old high school buddies reminded me that another reunion was coming up soon…and we got to talking about the “old” days.

Our group keeps getting smaller…our waistlines bigger.

And hair? We won’t even go there LOL

A lot of us were in band together from elementary school all the way through high school.

I originally played clarinet and was first chair in the 6th grade band. Then I decided I didn’t want to play clarinet anymore…I wanted to play the trumpet.

My dad, grandfather and uncle all played trumpet. So…I wanted to play trumpet.

I remember being in the […] Read more

Finishing with Calm and Class

Finishing with Calm and Class

– February 12, 2018 –

Dancing is not my thing. I have zero rhythm where multiple parts of the body moving at the same time are concerned.

Can’t help but think of the old Genesis I Can’t Dance video with Phil Collins. LOL

So, it’s not a stretch that the Figure Skating competition in the Olympics is not one of my favorite things to watch…reminds me too much of Dancing With the Stars!

But…while channel surfing over the weekend, I saw an incident go down with a team event pairs performance that made an impression on me as a business owner.

A South Korean skater […] Read more

Playing Hooky in the 70’s

Playing Hooky in the 70’s

– February 9, 2018 –

To this day, I don’t think my parents know that I used to skip high school with two of my buddies.

We’d check for whenever the Walnut Street Theater in downtown Philly advertised an Open Jam Session.

And if Mercer Ellington (Duke Ellington’s son) was in town, we’d skip school and hop on a bus…

‘Cause we knew he’d be at the theater jammin’.

We’d spend the whole day at the theater playing jazz.

We were fifteen and thought we were something else!

Never got busted because the lady in the school office knew what we were doing and pulled our cut […] Read more