Some words about us

What we do

Our mission is to help you grow your business using marketing automation done right. The secret to successfully using Infusionsoft has very little to do with technology. And everything to do with strategy and implementation. Half-baked doesn’t get results.

We won’t always tell you what you want to hear. But with an experienced approach to marketing automation, we’ll help you create a plan…develop the right strategies…and lastly, create the automation magic to save you time.

What sets us apart from other Infusionsoft consultancies

Because we walk the same road as you, we know you want to achieve balance and efficiency. To reserve nights and weekends as your own. To master your work – not let your work master you. Everything we do as part of an overall marketing automation strategy is designed to reach those goals, not just create fancy automated campaigns.

What they say about us

  • "Art and Barron Marketing Solutions have developed into one of the most valuable small business resources I have found in a long time. They’re coaching and training is extremely relevant, always easy to implement, and their support is awesome!"

  • “Art and Cheryl go above and beyond. It is hard to find someone who genuinely cares about their clients. They truly believe their success comes from the success of what they can teach others to implement. They are a true asset and go above and beyond consulting!"

  • "Art and Cheryl are very knowledgeable, rock-solid, and cutting-edge strategists. Barron Marketing Solutions Service took me from totally newbie to branding my business. They are the real deal."

  • "Art and Cheryl literally saved my business; they taught me everything I needed to know to be a success with my online marketing. They are phenomenal educators and consultants with a wealth of experience. Consider me a perpetual client."

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