About Us


Help busy, high-achieving small business owners get massive results from marketing automation.

Our Values

We listen, we care, we do what we say we’ll do.

We innovate and constantly improve.

We face challenges with optimism.

We serve with compassion.

We do the right thing.

When we are not working, we are not working.

Why Choose Us

Barron Marketing’s mission is to turn around the disturbing statistic that nine out of ten startup businesses will fail. Conventional wisdom suggests that if you work hard enough, your business will succeed. If only that were true.

After running successful businesses for 30 years, we’ve noticed that “Businesses don’t plan to fail…they simply don’t plan.” Our business strategists find the holes in what you are currently doing and map out a plan of execution based on years of experience using Infusionsoft.

Our results-based service packages implement those marketing plans to ensure that you get a positive ROI.


Meet Our Team


Art Basmajian

Founder & CEO

After making a mark on Wall Street as an investment broker, the hard-hitting pace burned Art out. He relocated to Pittsburgh to open up his own mortgage company and quickly grew from one office to branches in three states. And then the real estate industry imploded, and his life did a complete 180 degree turn…

Knowing that the future was on the Internet, he studied with (and continues to follow) marketing experts like Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, and Jeff Walker. Using both traditional and cutting edge online and offline methods, both our wholesale real estate and marketing solutions businesses serve one purpose: to help entrepreneurs create the business and life they want.

When Art isn’t working, he’s golfing, collecting wine, walking the dogs, and more golfing.


Cheryl Hunt

Co-Founder & President

Teaching in Europe for two years led to educating high school students for over twenty years. It’s been said that the best teachers are the best students – and Cheryl is passionate about learning new ways to help business owners use marketing automation strategically to dramatically increase their revenue and save time.

Drawing from her extensive background in education and developing curriculum, Cheryl now focuses on developing creative and strategic sales and marketing funnels for businesses who use Infusionosft as their CRM. She has been an Infusionosft Certified Partner since 2010 and served in the first Infusionsoft Partner Advisory Group (PAG).

When Cheryl isn’t working, she’s playing the keyboard, drinking Art’s wine, and cooking.


Kevin Schriver

Business Coach

Kevin’s business career started when he was young…but with more enthusiasm than skill. His entrepreneurial drive enabled him to build several businesses in the marketplace; and although he stepped on almost every possible business landmine along the way, the valuable lessons learned have served him and those he works with.

As the head business coach for Barron Marketing, Kevin provides coaching for small business owners who need an overall growth plan. He approaches those he mentors with the curiosity and thoroughness of an expert physician focused on finding an accurate diagnosis; his mission is to help business owners move from where they are to where they want to be.

When Kevin isn’t working, he enjoys relaxing sans technology, exercising outdoors, and reading.


Jane Mendoza

Director of Web Design

A WordPress website ninja, Jane is our secret weapon. Whether she’s building websites, membership sites (Memberium is our current favorite platform,) landing pages, or ecommerce stores for our clients…there is no challenge that Jane can’t solve.

For close to ten years now, Jane has been leading our web development team. And together they always deliver a product far superior the industry standard. Regular progress updates and clear communication with clients result in a stress-free experience as projects move along from beginning to completion.

When Jane isn’t working, she and her husband enjoy raising three active boys and gardening.

Monica Baigts Staff

Monica Baigts

Admin Assistant & Project Manager

An international relations graduate with a natural passion for Marketing, Monica handles our social media marketing, administrative work for Barron Properties, and project management for our Barron Marketing coaching clients to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

In addition to being Cheryl’s right hand, Monica is an expert in Infusionsoft implementation. Once the strategy sessions take place with clients, she takes the implementation blueprints with their campaign specifics and builds them out with precision, masterful execution, and how-to videos to maintain them.

When Monica isn’t working, she loves spending her time over a nice cup of chai latte and a book!