Get real marketing results…
not just a pretty website and
fancy Infusionsoft campaigns.

Do you need highly qualified traffic?

YES?  Our Multi-Channel Marketing Services will fuel your funnel. 

Are you converting traffic to qualified leads?

NO?  Our proprietary Magnetic Messaging Formula will fix this.

Are you delivering value in an engaging way?

NO?  Our Perfect Pitch Sales Videos will hold their attention.

Some words about us

What we do

Our mission is to solve your biggest marketing problems: not enough targeted traffic to your website, no systematic way to automatically follow up with hot leads, no compelling presence on the Internet.

A good website isn’t enough. Advertising isn’t enough! A good product isn’t enough. What you really need is powerful strategy plus automation! Our mission is to help you dominate your industry by getting you more qualified leads that convert to raving fans.

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies

We drink our own koolaid. Because we are marketers first and technicians second, we actually use the sales and marketing funnels that we create for our customers.

Our approach to marketing is holistic not fragmented, centered around an industry specific marketing plan, which allows us to guarantee you results.

What others have to say

  • "Barron Marketing has developed into one of the most valuable business resources I have found in a long time. Their training is extremely relevant, always easy to implement, and their support is awesome!"

  • “Art and Cheryl go above and beyond. It is hard to find someone who genuinely cares about their clients. They truly believe their success comes from the success of what they can teach others to implement. They are a true asset and go above and beyond consulting!"

  • "Art and Cheryl are very knowledgeable, rock-solid, and cutting-edge strategists. Barron Marketing's services took me from totally newbie to branding my business. They are the real deal."

  • "Art and Cheryl literally saved my business; they taught me everything I needed to know to be a success with my online marketing. They are phenomenal educators and consultants with a wealth of experience. Consider me a perpetual client."

Our services


Automated Marketing & Sales Funnels

CyberFunnels™ are for those companies that are ready to graduate to the next-level of automation and begin using InfusionSoft™ in a more advanced way. CyberFunnels™ represent the next phase of how goods and services are being sold to customers, clients and patients. They put prospects on the path to learning about your company’s products in a focused environment consistent with today’s buying habits and keep each prospect engaged with your company’s brand via their personal Internet devices until they are ready to buy.


A La Carte Creative Solutions

We offer a full menu of specialized services for businesses of all sizes. Each of these services can have a powerful and positive impact on your business. However, when these individual services are combined and work together as a cohesive process, it becomes known as a CyberFunnel Automated Sales and Marketing System.

Infusionsoft Done-With-You

Learn in a 1-on-1 setting from the #1 rated Infusionsoft ICP company. If becoming proficient in Infusionsoft™ stragedy and building is your goal, this collaborative service is the solution that will get you there. You select the bundle you want (Single-10-15-20 hrs) and learn best practices while getting work done with a certified Infusionsoft expert.

Infusionsoft Done-With-You

Frequently asked questions

I’ve worked with other Infusionsoft Certified Partners before and was disappointed. Why should I take a chance on you?

We could point you to all of our reviews and toot our own horn – but until we’ve gained your trust and you feel a connection with us, words alone cannot convince you. That’s why we offer a free 20-minute consultation with one of our business strategists where we will lay out a clear plan for finally getting real results.

What are the price ranges of your services? Do you work with people who have a limited budget?

We absolutely work with business owners who are operating on all budget levels. Our services range from a la carte marketing services and Infusionsoft done-with-you services costing between $97 and several thousand…to end-to-end lead generation and sales funnels guaranteed to deliver massive results for over $35,000.

How can you guarantee I’ll get results if I work with you? I’ve already spent a lot of money without the results I expected.

We are passionate about and dedicate our time and focus to optimizing the sales and marketing funnels that are necessary for any business to thrive. Automation and consistent messaging increases sales and/or save time (which ensures less money going out the door.) You work hard, and we take your investment in our services very seriously.

Do you offer marketing services like Adwords and Facebook Advertising, optimized landing pages and SEO?

The short answer is “Yes.” But we found that if we didn’t have a part in what happened after an ad was clicked…or after a lead magnet was requested from a website landing page, we couldn’t guarantee positive results. That wasn’t ok with us and is WHY we created CyberFunnels which is an end-to-end lead and sales conversion machine.

The most Proven Way to grow your business

Precisely targeting the audience that you want to attract will help you get more customers, increase recurring sales and save time. Request our Lifecycle Marketing Workbook and start seeing results!

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