Get real marketing results…
not just a pretty website and
fancy Infusionsoft campaigns.

Is your message strong and compelling?

NO?  Knowing your target market’s pain points fixes this. 

Does your sales funnel have holes in it?

YES?  Strategic marketing automation fixes this.

Does your marketing generate a healthy ROI?

NOT SURE?  A holistic & experienced approach fixes this.

Some words about us

What we do

Our mission is to help you grow your business using marketing automation done right. The secret to successfully using Infusionsoft has very little to do with technology. And everything to do with strategy and implementation. Half-baked doesn’t get results.

We won’t always tell you what you want to hear. But with an experienced approach to marketing automation, we’ll help you create a plan…develop the right strategies…and lastly, create the automation magic to save you time.

What sets us apart from other Infusionsoft consultancies

Because we walk the same road as you, we know you want to achieve balance and efficiency. To reserve nights and weekends as your own. To master your work – not let your work master you. Everything we do as part of an overall marketing automation strategy is designed to reach those goals, not just create fancy automated campaigns.

What they say about us

  • "Art and Barron Marketing Solutions have developed into one of the most valuable small business resources I have found in a long time. They’re coaching and training is extremely relevant, always easy to implement, and their support is awesome!"

  • “Art and Cheryl go above and beyond. It is hard to find someone who genuinely cares about their clients. They truly believe their success comes from the success of what they can teach others to implement. They are a true asset and go above and beyond consulting!"

  • "Art and Cheryl are very knowledgeable, rock-solid, and cutting-edge strategists. Barron Marketing Solutions Service took me from totally newbie to branding my business. They are the real deal."

  • "Art and Cheryl literally saved my business; they taught me everything I needed to know to be a success with my online marketing. They are phenomenal educators and consultants with a wealth of experience. Consider me a perpetual client."

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Our services

Infusionsoft Marketing & Sales Funnels

Are your sales and marketing funnels leaking at the seams, causing precious leads to just disappear? If you’re looking for effective sales and marketing funnels to increase your revenue, this service is for you! We build strategic funnels for you, keeping your end goals in mind while allowing you to focus on your business and new leads. Contact us for a free marketing funnel consultation.


Our signature product, this service is a lead-to-revenue sales and marketing funnel consisting of multiple components that are designed to work together as a single cohesive system. Every piece leads toward the same goal…acquiring new customers for your business. These components include Ads, Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Trip Wires, Videos, Personalized Emails, PDF’s, Webforms, Payment Processing, Online Calendars, eSignature Proposals and Real-Time Reports.

A CyberFunnel™ is a Revenue Generating Asset that works full-time, around the clock as an automated marketing and sales machine working to attract and convert new customers, clients or patients for your business.

To learn more and get a free copy of our new book “Deadly Dozen Manifesto” click the button below.

Infusionsoft Coaching & Training

Infusionsoft is a powerful tool that can do really cool stuff. We’ve seen the results it can generate if you have the time, the patience, and the strategic know-how of a power user. Barron Marketing specializes in getting RESULTS by leveraging 100% of what Infusionsoft can do to automate marketing and internal management processes for your business. Get one-on-one time with Cheryl Hunt to supercharge your business!

You’ll spend less time working IN your business as you experience the satisfaction and thrill that come from working ON your business. You’ll get back time to live the life you want.

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant | Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Frequently asked questions

I’ve worked with other Infusionsoft Certified Consultants before and was disappointed. Why should I take a chance on you?

We could point you to all of our reviews and testimonials and toot our own horn – but until we’ve gained your trust and you feel a connection with us, words alone cannot convince you. That’s why we offer a free consultation with one of our business strategists where we will lay out a clear plan for finally getting real results.

What are the price ranges of your services? Do you work with people who have a limited budget?

We absolutely work with business owners who are operating on all budget levels. Our services range from a single consulting session for a few hundred dollars to targeted marketing and sales funnels for a few thousand dollars…to an end-to-end lead generation and sales funnel guaranteed to deliver massive results for over $25,000.

How can you guarantee I’ll get results if I work with you? I’ve already spent a lot of money without the results I expected.

We are passionate about and dedicate our time and focus to optimizing the key foundational funnels that are necessary for any business to thrive and see increases in sales and/or save time (which translates to less money going out the door.) You work hard, and we take your investment in our services very seriously.

Do you offer marketing services like Adwords and Facebook Advertising, SEO and web design?

We used to offer these services a la carte. But we found that if we didn’t have a part in what happened after an ad was clicked…or after a lead magnet was requested from a website landing page, we couldn’t guarantee positive results. That wasn’t ok with and is WHY we created CyberFunnels which is a lead and sales conversion machine.

The most Proven Way to grow your business

Precisely targeting the audience that you want to attract will help you get more customers, increase recurring sales and save time. Request our Lifecycle Marketing Workbook and start seeing results!

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